Preparing Your High School Student for College: A Practical Savings Guide With CCB

Greetings, dedicated parents of high school students! The time has come – you’ve made it through so
many milestones, and now, as your child stands on the brink of their college adventure, you’re likely
facing a critical question: How can we effectively plan for the financial demands of higher education?
Fear not, because we’re here to guide you through a systematic approach to college savings, with the
invaluable support of CCB. Let’s explore how CCB can be your partner in securing a promising future for
your child.

Imagine this scenario: Your child is poised to fulfill their academic aspirations, but the financial aspect is
overwhelming. College expenses can indeed feel like looking at an impossible journey, but with
thoughtful strategies and some careful planning, you can empower your child to embark on their
academic journey confidently, both academically and financially.

Refined Savings Solutions
Let’s dive straight into it. Traditional piggy banks have their charm, but when it comes to preparing for
college, CCB offers a more sophisticated avenue. Our user-friendly tools and accounts make purposeful
saving straightforward. And rest assured, establishing a solid financial foundation will greatly impact
your child’s transition into higher education, and far beyond.

Customized Tools for Attainable Goals
What are your child’s aspirations? CCB recognizes that every family has distinctive dreams, which is why
we can present tailor-made savings objectives. Whether it involves covering tuition, course materials, or
providing a financial buffer during college years, setting realistic financial targets has never been more

Unveiling Competitive Interest Rates
Here’s where the excitement kicks in for parents. CCB’s competitive interest rates mean that your
savings can flourish over time. By allowing your funds to accumulate in their accounts, you’re effectively
optimizing your financial resources, significantly influencing your child’s college fund.

Harnessing Scholarship Opportunities
Hold tight – CCB offers more than just savings accounts. We’re unwavering in our commitment to
nurturing your child’s potential. As your child approaches their journey into higher education, CCB opens

doors to scholarship opportunities in many of the communities we serve that can profoundly shape their
financial landscape. It’s our tangible way of living our motto “Where Community Counts!”

Modern Banking Convenience
We’re living in an age of digital convenience, and CCB recognizes the significance of contemporary
banking solutions. Our user-friendly app empowers you to oversee your finances effortlessly. Whether
you’re checking balances during your busy day or conducting transactions from the comfort of your
home, CCB ensures that banking aligns with your lifestyle.

Supportive Customer Service
Say good-bye to perplexing financial jargon. CCB’s affable customer support is at your service. We’re
accessible to address your questions, demystify banking procedures, and provide the guidance you seek. With CCB by your side, you’re navigating this financial journey with experienced support on your side.

In summary, CCB serves as your dependable ally in sculpting your child’s college future. It’s more than
just savings – it’s about equipping your child with the tools and opportunities required to excel.

Ready to take the initial step? Contact us online, stop into any of our branches, or call us toll-free at 800-
882-9903 to initiate your planning for your child’s academic voyage.